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Why do we sabotage?

This plate represents weekdays,the good intention.It represents healthylifestyle, in control ,we are changing for good. (It’s a lunch plate idea that I did a lot in confinement,my husband loves it a lot).Easy ,fast,healthy!


1 cup of couscous cooked

1/2 cucumber + cherry tomatoes

1/3 cup feta cheese

Dash of olive oil,salt,pepper

Homemade pizza (that I made with the kids).It represents TGIF or the weekend.It represents ”I deserve it”, it’s cheat meal. I did good all week I can eat now!…And why not a desert after that!

Ingredients :

Dough:2/3 cup warm water,1 tsp active dry yeast,1/2 tsp sugar,1/2 tsp salt,1 tbsp olive oil,12/3cup flour

Toppings: 3/4cup pizza sauce,pepperoni,veggies and cheese

And the problem is not eating pizza on one evening supper,it’s eating the whole pizza that will sabotage the whole week where we did good and lost this pound and a half.

So why we do this and then say :”Well,I’ll restart on Monday”? And time passes by and still no results with our goal to lose some belly fat.

I analyzed the behaviour ,observed and made me go to a conclusion that we completely lose focus on what we want on first place which is to lose some weight… Our mind get blurry-crazy and then get excited with the tought of the tasty hot mozarella pizza. Yes it’s normal but if we really want to lose this other pound or two by the following week,we need to calm down. If we just take this extra minute to sit down,sit straight,take a deep breath and analyze that this third piece of pizza that we are about to eat won’t serve us,than we would be able to just NOT EAT IT!

A calm mind will lead us to amazing results.