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T-shirt challenge on Mother’s Day 👚💪🌺


No gym?And you want to step up your game?Find a wall,go upside down and put your t-shirt on.We need to dress up,no?Lol! And since you’re in this position,do some push-ups. Demonstration on my link up there . Great workout on some different upper body muscles .

This confinement makes you find all kind of ways to be creative in order to make it effective. Using your body weight is one of them. The intensity you put in your exercise will increase your heartbeat like this one did for me. I use to think that doing hours of cardio would do the job but a great resistance training will bring amazing results with less time.

Fitness enthusiast in time of confinement

Hello hello,

My name is Myriam and this is my first official blog. I want to talk about fitness and nutrition and be able to share tips,exercises,meals with all fitness enthusiasts in this world.I ‘ll be able to communicate in french and spanish also. My family and I are very active all year long.My husband and I love to go for wine tasting. I am mom of two (12 and 10) and a dentist(U of Montreal 1996).

Within few months from now I would love to reach also to people that would love to get in shape and help changing slowly the way of eating for non stop improvements. If you want to start a new journey of getting into working out without feeling ”it’s a chore to go trough” and understand nutrition,you are on the right blog! I want to get involved into new healthy habits. Also I would love to help moms and women in their forties to get back in shape. I am myself 47yrs old and age is not an excuse,lol!

If you read my About page,I explain about my fitness journey.I am a certified fitness trainer and specialist in sports nutrition with ISSA(International Sports Sciences Association). You can check their IG https:// http://www.instagram.com/issaonline.

A 30lbs dumbbell wrapped with two 10lbs ankles weights
and two 5 lbs ankles weights

Despite all gyms closed,there is always a way to fit your work out in your day.No excuses,let’s go! On my side because I am concentrating on bodybuilding,today will be glutes day.Very specific exercises I will target and that I can do from home.My heaviest dumbbells are 30lbs but I have also two ankles weights of 10 pounds and two ankles weights of 5 pounds SO if I want to go very heavy with sumo squats I wrap all those ankles around the 30lbs dumbbell and I squat!

Also I invented my own hip thrusts exercise.I took an old vacuum tube with two painting buckets on each side and with this marvellous invention I can hip thrusts (and deadlifts also)!If you go on my instagram https:// http://www.instagram.com/myriam.jecki publication of March19th I am doing deadlifts there.

As long as you feel the burn! If we have nothing home,there is all kind of way to target what you want to work on and feel the burn!

Sometimes I switch to a total body workout or to a plyometric work out or to a HIIT one with let’s say four tabatas in the row. But since March 13th where we started our confinement not a day passed without a workout.That’s how much I love working out, and it gives you a structure in your day.For sure,I watch the diet that goes around the training if not I think it’s useless.Allowing myself a cheat meal on Friday night with wine!Yesterday was sushis!!!

Okay let me know your ways of working out in-time-of-confinement-with-no-gym…We can share tips and help each other.