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The right-best-exact diet….hmm?

When preparing for a nutritional program as an online coach, I hear clients say:

“I can’t digest dairy product…” or

”I don’t want to eat meat and I hate vegetables.” or

”Only organic please…”

Which diet is the best? There’s none actually. When preparing for a nutrional program, I don’t have a standard diet that I would give to a client and say EAT THAT ‘cuz I have the truth,lol! No! First of all,I want to know what are your daily routine on week days and on the week-end in terms of food habits. I want to understand what do you eat,where ,at what time,do you order,do you cook…I like to ask the client to send me back a food journal (two days of the week and one day of the week-end) of every meals and bite and morsel he/she eats to really understand the fundamentals of their habits.The more details,the better and there is no judgement .

It’s important to have an idea of the habits because then I can ask and understand better what is important, what are the needs ,what the client does really want?

Depending from where we start,I can propose small changes with the diet plan without going drastic. Too rigid in the beginning won’t be fun specially if it’s been years the person eats in a certain way.

Food has so much too offer. With a good nutrition, we have a balance of energy to provide for yourself,family,work and activities. With a good nutrition ,you can avoid nutrient deficiencies. We have the macros nutrients (carbs,fats,proteins) that are easy to find in the every day diet but don’t underestimate the power of vitamins and minerals which are the micronutrients. And let’s not forget our water,THE drink!

Also, every one has a different lifestyle. Are we always out the house (ok,not for now because of this covid),do we cook,do we have a family ,are we very stressed, religion allows it or not? So many things to consider when preparing a nutritional plan.

At my opinion, a good relationship with the client helps so much to provide the greatest nutrition plan to them,adapted to their needs and what they like or don’t like.

Our body will thank us to put great things in it. Our state change, our posture,our vision for the day change.It helps also understand better why or why not we eat this certain food.