Abs are made in the kitchen

When I give my clients a nutrition and exercises program,I like to follow them up by asking questions frequently. What I noticed is when I ask the question :”How are you doing with the program ?”,the reply that comes back frequently is :”I do my workouts all the time.” Which is amazing! Yes, working out […]

Why do we sabotage?

This plate represents weekdays,the good intention.It represents healthylifestyle, in control ,we are changing for good. (It’s a lunch plate idea that I did a lot in confinement,my husband loves it a lot).Easy ,fast,healthy! Ingredients: 1 cup of couscous cooked 1/2 cucumber + cherry tomatoes 1/3 cup feta cheese Dash of olive oil,salt,pepper Homemade pizza (that […]

The right-best-exact diet….hmm?

When preparing for a nutritional program as an online coach, I hear clients say: “I can’t digest dairy product…” or ”I don’t want to eat meat and I hate vegetables.” or ”Only organic please…” Which diet is the best? There’s none actually. When preparing for a nutrional program, I don’t have a standard diet that […]

Ode to the sky

You are walking and on this precise moment you look up and you capture this tableau… I was under awe! It instantly brought me happiness and peace. I think that beauty of nature is this other way to feed your body and soul. So yes about exercising and eating well on a every day base […]

Fitness enthusiast in time of confinement

Hello hello, My name is Myriam and this is my first official blog. I want to talk about fitness and nutrition and be able to share tips,exercises,meals with all fitness enthusiasts in this world.I ‘ll be able to communicate in french and spanish also. My family and I are very active all year long.My husband […]

Dumbbell (30lbs) wrapped with ankle weightsd
A 30lbs dumbbell wrapped with two ankles weights of 10lbs and two of 5lbs

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