Abs are made in the kitchen

When I give my clients a nutrition and exercises program,I like to follow them up by asking questions frequently. What I noticed is when I ask the question :”How are you doing with the program ?”,the reply that comes back frequently is :”I do my workouts all the time.” Which is amazing! Yes, working out has tremendous benefits. It does shape and tone your body,put you in a better mood, helps your strength and helps your heart.

Let see: when we start a program, the main complain for the majority of people is :”I want to lose weight and remove some fat from here and there.” In reality,nutrition and healthy meals are the ones that will help you lose the weight. More than the workouts themselves. In a weight loss program,80% of the success come from the nutrition and the healthy meals and 20% come from exercising.

Let’s say you did cardio for one hour and you sweat it and felt it and during the whole day you say to yourself that you earned eating the burger ,the ice cream or the cookie,if we don’t pay attention of what we put in our mouth,at the end of the day the exercise do not worth a thing. That is why the expression :” Abs are made in the kitchen” comes from. We could do 100 crunches a day ,we will still have a belly if the nutrition is not on point.I am not saying to show the 6 packs- abs either but the fat will be reduced by choosing the right food.

In a weight loss program,let’s remember that 80% of success comes from getting out of our comfort zone which is making small changes in our nutritional habits and 20% from working out which will accelerate our weight loss.

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