Let me give you at least one tip to trick your mind

Since I am blogging about nutrition ,I want to share this one with you. For breakfast,how many of us,north americans love our eggs and bacon? And most of the time ,we say that we need to cut the fat in our diet and we know that there’s pretty much fat in bacon but,…we eat it anyway! What about replace the traditional bacon with turkey or chicken bacon ? And have the same pleasure eating breakfast and doing good to your body! Here ‘s why:

You take two slices of uncooked turkey bacon(30 gr), you have 70 calories ,6 gr of fat,4 gr of protein,1 gr of carb.

Now if you take two slices of uncooked regular bacon (63gr),you have 250 cal ,24 gr of fat,7gr of protein ,1 gr of carb.

So ,even if you take 4 slices of turkey bacon,you can’t even reach the macronutriments of the traditional one! And what are we doing different while we have the bacon on our plate? We bring the food to our mouth and we chew and swallow BUT it’s after ,that all the difference happens! It’s what we don’t see that is the most important to consider! How our body processes and absorbs the food and what it does to it at the final that is different!

So, think of me (lol) next time you are having bacon.By switching to the ”nice ”one,you’ll save your arteries, your heart,your doctor will be proud of you and you will feel better in your clothes. Let me know if you would like more blogs of this kind , I have all kind of tricks to help you out for loosing weight and still eating!

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